Carrom King releases 2 vs 2 Team-up mode in FRIENDS option

Ludo King Team up mode

Carrom King has launched 2 vs 2 Team-up mode in “FRIENDS” option. Players can now play a 2 vs 2 game with their friends and close ones and compete with each other by forming teams.

The team up mode is expected to multiply the fun of playing online Carrom as users can play by forming teams with their best buddies. The host of the game can also switch players across teams to form new pairs to play with each other. The extension of the update also includes custom text chat. Players can enjoy more by sharing messages and emojis live with their friends in the team game.

Carrom King has seen a steady growth since its release in 2017 and has crossed 50 million downloads worldwide. The team-up mode update is going to be significant among the millennial target users as the game shifts from single player to a team-play in the FRIENDS option. Teens and young adults will favor it the most as they get another good platform to connect and interact with their friends online.

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