Why Queen important in Carrom?

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Carrom is a game of pocketing pucks on a square board. Out of the three types of coins the red colored “Queen” is the only coin which has the highest importance.


The Queen has the highest point value compared to the Carrom men. Its high significance makes it to be placed in the center of the board.

Since winning in Carrom depends on pocketing maximum coins in minimum time, Queen is such a puck that can increase your chances of winning.


Queen holds a value of 50 points and after covering it with a coin gives you 60 to 70 points.

Pocketing queen, therefore, drastically increases your chances of winning the game.

Matter of pride

For every player pocketing the Queen is a matter of pride and showing their expert hand at Carrom. A player’s success in Carrom is determined by how quick they are in securing the Queen. The one who has the Queen has won half the battle!  

Thrill & Excitement:

After the first player breaks the arrangement all the players start chasing the queen. This competition for the Queen makes the Carrom game super interesting. Eventually someone acquires the Queen but this competition adds thrill and excitement to the game.

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