Qualities of a Good Carrom Player: How do winners make it big

Carrom is a game of skill that demands developing different qualities in order to gain expertise. A good Carrom player always seeks entertainment with a skillful game, i.e. playing pro shots that not only make him the winner but also entertain the spectators of the game. Beyond everything else, Carrom is for entertainment and its true fun is in the versatility of playing the shots and the game techniques that make a player a master! 

Here are the 5 Qualities that every good Carrom player develops:

The player is Focused

The most important skill in Carrom is flicking the striker in the right direction to strike the right puck in order to pocket it. Expert Carrom players not only target the easy pucks but also the difficult ones and Focus is necessary for playing a successful shot to pocket a puck. Distraction often leads to inaccurate flick and missing the pocket. Therefore, a good Carrom player, while enjoying the game light-heartedly, learns to focus during his turn to pocket maximum pucks and win the game.

The player is an Observer 

Carrom game also demands an observing player. While a player is playing the game they have to observe with attention to choose the right pucks to target first and then go for the difficult ones in order to pocket maximum pucks in a turn. Observation improves the chances of winning as the player makes better decisions that take him towards winning. It is therefore important for a good Carrom player to make decisions by observing the opponent’s skill.

The Player is a Risk Taker

Risk Takers have more chances of success in Carrom. Every good Carrom player pockets easy coins first but risk-takers also try to play the difficult-to-pocket pucks even if there are chances of missing the pocket making it easy for the opponent. If the player is focused they can pocket the puck and move a step towards victory. Active risk-taking can make a big difference because good players always take chances and often turn them into successful pockets. Therefore, a good Carrom player is a risk-taker.

The player is a Team player

Playing in teams is a great way to make Carrom more fun and engaging. A good Carrom player not only plays his part best but also makes the pocketing of pucks easy for his partner. Oftentimes if the partner is not able to pocket efficiently the player pockets the pucks in order to win as a team.

The player is Passionate

Above all Carrom is great entertainment and a passionate player reaps maximum fun and enjoyment from the game. A passionate player plays strategically and skilfully to win more matches to not only entertain themselves but also entertain others who are watching their skillful game. Their passion for the game becomes a source of entertainment for the spectators. Since Carrom is a common household game, players’ passion brings a different kind of playful atmosphere and joy in domestic settings. Therefore, being passionate about the game is the greatest quality of a good Carrom player.

So, are you a good Carrom player too? 

Do you play Carrom passionately, with focus and observation to entertain yourself as well as others? 

Well, then you must be definitely enjoying Carrom King too. 

Gametion designed Carrom King by keeping the game physics as realistic as possible so that players use the same Carrom skills they use to play the physical Carrom board.

So when are you playing your next Carrom match? 

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